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Mala Naidu  

I, Sis P. R. Mala Naidu, Founder and President of CMIS (City Mission of India Society & Trust) was born in a middle class family in Trichy, Tamilnadu, South India. My Childhood was without the parents love and care, because my parents were in military service. So, I stayed and studied in the boarding (Hostel). When I completed my studies. I came back to home. But at that time only, my parents expired and I felt very lonely. I was not interested to get married, I was interested only to serve the poor, needy people and leprosy’s orphan children. So, I had to undergo a leprosy Para Medical Training in Vellur, After my training was over one sister helped to me come to Maharashtra for helping affected people.

Sis P. R. Mala Naidu

Then, I started to work in the midst of the leprosy people and served them with love with a dedicated heart. I have a dream and vision to open a home to those who suffered in below poverty level. Children’s of widows without having financial support, homeless children, who don't get the love of their parents and relatives and are fully orphan children in the society. I believe, a child who is orphan and destitute is a stigma to the society, the child is isolated and exploited in every sense, the society always take undue advantage of such children not only in INDIA but everywhere in the world, here in CMIS ALWAYS STRIVE FOR THEIR BETTER FUTURE. We not only takes those kids under its care but provide the most secure and healthy environment for them to be IDEAL CITIZENS.


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