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Natural Calamity

On 1993 there was a earthquake calamity in Latur, Usmanapath and Umergaon, Solapur dist at Maharashtra state. In this calamity in this effected area approx.6000 peoples were expired and 10,000 peoples were injured. From Mumbai to Solapur is near about 300 Kms. Our City Mission of India Society and Trust 15 members team arranged for van and Ambulance went to this earthquake effected area to help to these injured, homeless, needy peoples. We get the permission from the collector of Umergon to distribute food grains, medicines, cooking vessels and water arrangements to these peoples. And then one of our group peoples distributed this things to all needy peoples in Latur, Usmanabad, and Umergaon. The other one group of our team members through our Ambulance ,collected all injured peoples and shifted them into solapur Civil hospital and General hospitals. Day and night continuously we arrange to provide them food, clothes and medicines. After that we collected funds for this injured peoples and arranged for 120 small houses and hand over to Umergaon Village officer. CMI society and trust has evidence for the service Solapur mayor permission Appreciated our organization, We have Reward and photographs of all this calamity works.


On 26th January 2001 at 8.46 a.m. (IST) Gujarat was hit by one of India's worst earthquakes in 80 years (TOI) measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale. Thousands have lost their lives and many more suffer injuries & homeless in the earthquake affected areas. Gujarat is in immediate need of rescue, relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction operations due to heavy loss of life and property. There also our city mission of India society and trust team went to there and helped to affected peoples to services. CMIS has adopted Civil Hospital in Kutch, Medical relief operations are being conducted in close co-ordination with the other local social teems, CMIS teems transferring the injured from villages to various hospitals.

On 26th December, 2004 there was a dangerous tsunami calamity is happened in India in Tamil Nadu at most affected areaNagapatinam, Velangani, Gudloour, chennai, pondycheery, machalipattenam, kanyakumari, karikal Thousands have lost their lives and many more suffer injuries & homeless in the Tsunami affected areas.

CMIS statement
The previously rescue operation affected people distributed. When we heard about the Tsunami, certainly City Mission of India Society Trust team rushed to the affected area on 28th Dec 04 to 07th Jan 05. These days human being help that time not thing not memory is photograph still necessary. After that our team local city area purchase in food grains, cloths, soap, oil, cooking vassals, stoves, drinking water container, mats, blankets, and bed sheets, etc. necessary needy people rehabilitation center alternate camp particular camp selected token through issue number of token issue for 5000 to 6000 Tsunami rescue people affected family people same type of the five areas. Lakhs of rupees spent by our CMIS these rescue operation. Tamilnadu to Mumbai, Maharastra 1500 kilometers our own native place in tamilnadu financial not fulfill. What kind of help these affected people all our team people collected return to Mumbai our team members ten (3 female + 7 male) instead of all our team members health condition, virus problem, tiredness, so after that return Mumbai we are sending three new members to tamilnadu Tsunami affected areas. Masoolipattinam, Poombukar, Tharagampadi, Cuddalore, Nagapattinam, vailankanni, these rescue operation needed necessary information, counseling, presently people are broken and contrite heart and upset mind. who is going to support of new life and new developed for these affected people. So tamil nadu government and other NGO’s help to different big fisher man, and boat, net, engine etc. low poverty people, economical weaker section people presently not proper channel and help, so your good heart help to tamilnadu tsunami people very heart full thanks through our CMIS. so presently your email tsunami new life new house developed how much granted your through selected CMIS ready truly and faithfully. Building develop, land purchase government formality paper work, government permission all are details more than affected 2500 new houses for low poverty families, economically weaker section. The beneficiaries 1000 of local peoples, children men and women peace of mind very help us this develop project. Five schools, five churches, three medical center, road, compound, well and boar water, sanitary, drainage, drinking water, garden, water shed, dry land develop, homeless old age people etc. our service will be going to do for search of these people’s. not only affected by tsunami the fisheries family but also the following all categories people.

Registration Details
City Mission of India Society and Trust (CMIS) is a registered, voluntary secular non-political and non-profitable charitable organization, established in the year 1984 and was registered as a society under Section 1860 Act on 07.08.1994 Registration No.788 GB / B.S.D. Trust Act under section 1950 Act on 14.11.1994 (Registration NO. F/16918). Income - Tax Exemption 80-G exemption under 80-G of 07.08.1995 which was recently received up to DIT(E)8E/MC/80-G/287/99-2000 INS/31/61 valid up to 31.03.2005. F.C.R.A. permission issued by the Govt. of India Home Affairs Department, New Delhi-1.


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