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Medical Awareness Program

Environmental neatness to protect from mosquitoes, pneumonia and other poisonous insects. Awareness To Polio Drops, Drug Addicts Injurious Tobacco, General, Aids, TB, Cancer, Tobacco, Polio. To protect from mosquitoes Once in every six months, we select villages for General Medicals, Emergency Medicines, Eye Testing Camp, Optical Distributions, General Counseling Women’s Maternity Checkup and Advice, Cataract Checkup, Jaundice, Malaria, T. B, Etc, free medical help for open heard surgery patients. For Poor Needy People, Illiterate People, For All General and emergency Diseases, And Also For Terrible Diseases Such As Leprosy, Cancer, T. B., Jaundice, Asthma, Necrophilia, Chickenpox, Cholera, polio Etc.

HIV Aids/Leprosy/ Virus Awareness
CMIS is a not-for-profit coalition of concerned health care professionals committed to access to high quality oral health care services for adults, adolescents, and children living with HIV disease. CMIS disseminates state-of-the-art treatment information and shares expertise in advocacy, development, training, integration, and evaluation of oral health services for the HIV-infected population.

The primary mechanism by which CMIS initially intends to accomplish its mission is via this web site. Inside, not only will you find several sections on the oral manifestations of HIV disease and a large picture gallery, but also information on infection control, post-exposure protocols, pediatric/adolescent care, medications, funding and other resources.

Tracts are distributed in all market places, railway station platforms, to the cleaners, drivers, illiterate people, about the dangerous effects of HIV/AIDS., to check blood, and recommended to the doctors. Etc. And provide solvency to me in Govt. Hospitals our through free blood checkup.

Mental & Physical Disaster Patient Care and Recommendation For Hospitals
CMIS take care of the handicapped people both mentally and physically affected. We help them with medically and provide shelter for them in our home itself. CMIS arranged marriage for those people and provide them necessary things. Artificial human parts are distributed for the affected patients with the help of the doctors. We guide them through medical counseling. CMIS Recommend The general for TB, Accident case Affected Patients To The Well Known Hospitals Bagwati Hospitals In Borivili, Baba Hospital, In Bandra, Cooper Hospital In Andheri, J. J. Hospital In Mumbai For Aids Patients, Salvation Army Hospital, In Byculla, For Emergency Private Hospital - Neerja Hospital, Modern Clinic, Borivli Etc.

Free Ambulance Service for Poor | Leprosy Aid
Handicapped patients are taken to hospital through our vehicle or by ambulance service free of cost. Accidents, emergence, delivery (maternity help) patients and are taken to hospital by CMIS. and if any patients die in middle then CMIS helps for procedure. CMIS takes special care for leprosy patients to avoid lonely feelings for them and make awareness about the disease that it is curable, distribute the medicines, band aid, equipments, blankets, food grains, etc for them. Jaundice, asthma medical distribution (those patients affected by jaundice, asthma, ayurvedic medicines, were distributed. Drug addicts (awareness of drugs like tobacco, alcohol, anvil, Ganja, Brown sugar, smoking etc. are advised medical treatments are undertaken to those who affected and addicted in it. Mentally they are encouraged about the precious life. Psychologically make them to live normally in the society.


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