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Shelter for orphans

CMIS has two homes, one is CMI CHILDREN HOME in Borivili and another one is SUNRISE HAPPY CHILDREN HOME in Badlapur, from the year in 1984 to 2004 near about 650 children get shelter in our two homes at present There are 115 children’s with both girls and boys. From new born baby to 14 years old are in Badlapur and above 14 years children’s are in Borivli. These children’s are orphans, semi orphans i.e. Widows children’s leprosy affected parents children, beggars children, etc. Some children’s are dropped by their parents, relatives, etc. some children’s are from the background of below poverty line. We at CMIS care for our children's education. For educational reasons, the children are divided into 2 groups. The older girls and younger children, these children have been brought into our care home either by the charity or members of the public over a period the years. Each child has been registered with the local authorities and is listed as in the care of ‘CMIS’.

Schools & Education
We provide standard educations to the children’s to grow in knowledge, wisdom, maturity, etc. We make perfect in discipline, punctuality, active in sports, meditation, etc. we issued uniform, school fees, tuition fees, raincoat, snacks, sports dress materials picnics, vocational training etc. and also we provide computer class, in our school JESSY NEW ENGLISH SCHOOL, and the nearby private schools, to make them well educated in all the way. Education is a major instrument for a change in life. Education at home and at school is equally important. With this in mind. Newly admitted children are given orientation test and then admitted in the standard found suitable. Nursery, K. G, Balwadi is provided for below aged children’s 6years old) they are educated from basic standards in our schools, Municipal school and higher education in private schools etc. Children are encouraged participate in co-Curricular activities like games, competition, sports and cultural programmers dance dramas etc.

Physically well-being
For every human beings health is the main source of wealth. Without proper health no one can achieve his goal. Having this in our mind we treats our children as our and provide then proper food with good nutrition, energetic and well recommended food. We have breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner daily. Dress, towels, tooth paste soaps, daily use clothes, mats, blank and etc. are also provided. including food we also give them all entertainments and sports and games daily, CMIS staffs are dedicated and mother love to serve the children for all their needful things. What ever we can we are doing our best. Day by day growth in children.

CMIS children are encouraged participate active in sports, competition, etc. They are their taken to the picnic once in every six-month because they may not feel lonely and they should life enjoy. We organize festival program religious, without religious public festivals, national festivals. Restriction is just to make them happy and joy that they may not feel in their heart. We arrange dance, drama, and other entertainment activities in the festivals.

Medicals and Hospitality
Fear of God is the beginning of the wisdom; God-fearing man will have the discipline and truth all through their life. Hence, we train our children to grow in maturity in the spiritual activities seeking the Lord in all the way of their lives. We have daily morning and evening prayer with songs. Early morning in our homes, all our children and staff do Bible study and prayer. Sunday's all are in church for prayer and worship. At CMIS homes, we also have Church Ministry, Children Ministry, Gospel Ministry and Bible Study.


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