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Women. Widow and Child Welfare

In many villages of India women are neglected in the society and they are not encouraged by the parents, men and some leaders of the village. Even the parents didn’t like to give birth to the girl child. To avoid such blindness around the people CMIS focus on women development. Because of illiteracy and traditional faith widows are treated as cursed on and by that they could not live freely in they society and they are not getting job also. They have to undergo so many problems and struggle to the public life they have to depend on others for their daily needs. Such woman’s peoples are take care by the CMIS and training is provided for self employment.

Widow self-employment training |Women education |Women medical counseling
To have goal and achievements in the life of the widows CMIS select the poor widow and give them tailoring training and hospitals midlife training and small food path business support them to grow in self business also. we monthly distribute food grains to such woman.

Many parents of the villages they will not allow the girls go to schools. They are kept hold in the house work only the parents say that girls didn’t need education because they have to be house wife after marriage. To change these thoughts CMIS provide educational awareness in the villages to send girls for study and the importance of women education.

Women are the source of the human growth; they must hold good health condition. In the villages they are not at all interested in medicals and they neglect to visit the hospitals. Population is increases in the village more because they give birth to many children and by that they lost their health condition. Such are avoided through the visitation of CMIS women medical counseling program. We are ready to give our service at any time anywhere many places.

Family Neglected Widows
The reason for neglecting the widows in the family and the suffering they face in their family.

During the marriage occasions, ceremonies and rituals, festivals and other good memorial days they are completely neglected by the family members and the society.
Their needs and wants are not considered by their own family members.

  • Lack of financial support

  • Lack of educational support for their children

  • Face problems during their children’s marriage

  • Depression due to the mental and physical torture to them and their children

  • Lack of compassion and love even though they work 24x7

  • Seen as a big burden when they fall ill

  • Young widows with small children, struggle to uplift their children due to complete dependence on their family.

  • Harassment in the family with their grownup children live without peace and fear.

  • Face problem through son and daughter in law

  • Widows in their old age often face a restless life due to their children’s family thus making the widows life more miserable and sorrowful.

  • We aim to promote such widows by providing hostel / accommodation followed by good rehabilitation center as and when required.


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