Our Passion

To Serve The Needy

We at CMIS believe, a child who is orphan and destitute is a stigma to the society, the child is isolated and exploited in every sense, the society always take undue advantage of such children not only in INDIA but everywhere in the world, With this thought and beief, we undertake many activities as mentioned below.:

Shelter for orphans

Sunrise Happy Children Home managed, is run under the umbrella of City Mission of India Society & Trust, by Sister. P. R. Mala Naidu.
Sunrise Happy Children Home (Sunrise Home) commenced in the year 1998. Sunrise Home takes care of orphan girl children and also semi orphans and children whose parents are having financial problems and the children who are left with us by their parents to take care of them. Sunrise Home thus becomes a home providing love, care, education, shelter, affection, protection, recreation,medical care, which includes medical checkup from time to time and on some occasion even as per the need of the hour. Sunrise Home celebrates all Indian festivals in the traditional way and also encourages nearby local villagers to participate in the celebrations. Our home is situated at Chamtoly Village, Karjat Road, Ambernath Taluk, Kulgaon post, Badlapur (E), Thane Dist, Maharashtra.

Medical Awareness Program

Environmental neatness to protect from mosquitoes, pneumonia and other poisonous insects. Awareness To Polio Drops, Drug Addicts Injurious Tobacco, General, Aids, TB, Cancer, Tobacco, Polio. To protect from mosquitoes Oonce in every six months, we select villages for General Medicals, Emergency Medicines, Eye Testing Camp, Optical Distributions, General Counseling Women’s Maternity Checkup and Advice, Cataract Checkup, Jaundice, Malaria, T. B, Etc, free medical help for open heart surgery, also for Poor Needy People, Illiterate People, For All General and emergency Diseases, And Also For Terrible Diseases Such As Leprosy, Cancer, T. B., Jaundice, Asthma, Necrophilia, Chickenpox, Cholera, Polio etc. We also undertake the below activities:
  • HIV Aids/Leprosy/ Virus Awareness
  • Mental & Physical Disaster Patient Care and Recommendation For Hospitals
  • Free Ambulance Service for Poor | Leprosy Aid
  • Adivasi Development

    In India there are many illiterate people who don't even have basic knowledge of living a standard life. These People living below the poverty line are illiterate and do get any Medical aid or and other basic aids. CMIS visits such people voluntarily and serve them for their development in the society. They doesn’t have water supply, electricity, vehicles, transport. Many of them do not even have their voting card, ration card. To help such poor people, we undertake the below activities:
  • Awareness program
  • Educational Support
  • Free Marriage
  • AIDS Rehabilitation

    CMIS is a not-for-profit organisation we with the help of all concerned health care professionals try to help with good quality oral health care services for adults, adolescents, and children living with HIV disease and also find several sections on the oral manifestations of HIV disease, we also give information on infection control, post exposure protocols, pediatric/adolescent care, medications, funding and other resources. Tracts are distributed in all market places, railway station platforms, to the cleaners, drivers, illiterate people, about the dangerous effects of HIV/AIDS., to check blood, and recommended to the doctors. Etc. And provide solvency to me in Govt. Hospitals our through free blood checkup. To help such poor people, we undertake the below activities:
  • Be part of our team and extent your support